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DG Internet offers a wide variety of web applications to help streamline your business and increase revenue. Our approach is to identify your specific needs, and implement an effective solution.

One of the main drawbacks of shopping for new software is the multitude of applications having many of the features that you require, but does not do exactly what you need. Why pay for an application that does not do everything that you need? This is where the custom programming we offer comes into place. All of our products can be modified to suit your specific needs, just let us know what you need and our team of professionals will design and build an application to do exactly what you need it to do.

Designer Graphics is your one stop shop for all your advertising needs. One of our virtual stores offer our clients a way to increase their revenue with very little investment. Please contact us today for pricing and information regarding any of our products and services.

Templates from DG Internet

Templates by DG Internet
At DGInternet we have a variety of pre designed website templates. Great looking, and ready to be put online as soon as you are. Whether you already have an idea of what you want your website to look like, or you just have information and need help with the look, we've got you covered!
DG Internet Products
Political Campaign Websites
Political Campaign Websites A Political Campaign Website is a great way to drastically increase your campaign presence. Having a Campaign Website gives thousands of potential voters an easy way to jump on your campaign trail without leaving the house. Whether getting your name to thousands of more voters, or selling your promotional campaign materials to supporters, a Political Campaign Website is the way to go!
Real Estate Websites
Real Estate Websites Our Real Estate Website is a product specifically geared for Real Estate Companies. DG Realty is a full featured Real Estate Application designed to let realtors easily manage and update their website. With this system you can Add, Edit, and Delete every aspect of your website content in a special password protected administration section. The colors / layout of all the pages can be easily changed to fit the needs of your company.
Virtual Stores
Virtual Stores Our Virtual Store Website is great for online sales! If you or you company are looking for a great looking, easy access way to promote and sell your product, a Virtual Store is the way to go. You pick the product, you set the price, and we take care of the rest. An easily navigated website with a shopping cart and checkout makes your product easy to purchase for your customer. Increase your sales by putting an easily accessible Virtual Store online today!
Business Card Creator
Business Card Creator A Bulk Business Card Website is perfect for businesses that require high volumes of business cards. Whether re-ordering the same card, or making changes in names, numbers, address, or anything else you need, the Bulk Business Card Website makes it all possible for you to do on your own! It is as easy as filling out the fields you need changed, submitting the form, and your new card is already in the process of being made. Take out the middle man, and always have the easy access to get your business cards on your own time!
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